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In ancient Egypt were familiar with concept of socks. In tombs of Pharaohs find models of children’s nosochok with separately knitted by big fingers. Egyptians in the ancient time carried such footwear what we carry now on a beach. Blossoming of craft of knitting began an eyelid in the fifth, and approximately with ninth it and to Europe finds the way. Here and stockings knitted appear thanks to knitting. Before stockings sewed from skin or a matter. And only crowned persons and their near circle carried them. It is known that in Spain stockings appeared an eyelid in the 16th, when

from a royal yard to Henry to eighth (English) presented in gift pair knitted manually a stocking. These clothes become necessary for winter time for 17/18 centuries there were cases when it was necessary to put on to dozen of stockings in time. Man’s stockings preferably men knitted.

The priest from Galverton William. Whether at the end of the 1589th thought up the first knitting car. However Elizabeth the first did not patent the invention which was more dense than stockings from silk. For introduction of the invention the master moves to France and bases there for the first time in the world knitted production.

At the end of the century of the 18th in France base cars for a knitted cloth a pipe. Such models quickly replaced manually the connected stockings, it became cheaper and more favorable to knit on the machine.

And since a century before last when in a costume there were trousers long, stockings undergo changes and length get in exactly modern socks. Nowadays it is obligatory attribute of a suit of men. And ladies quickly pocketed chulochka and in the clothes.

The most true place in a female set socks and trousers took a place at the end of the last century. Nowadays there are also natural socks. And artificial. Socks play a special role in a sports fashion, in house clothes or in the youth dress.

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