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here are types of office employees, for which strict protocol of clothes unessentially to support. Among which secretaries and management of the companies, economists and agents of all orientations, accountants and other. And what style to them can and be applied not risky?

When you are not on a high leading post, some freestyle of clothes is allowed. The above-stated professions do not demand a strict rule of a dress-code as at the business is clever. Here the whole matter is in the measure and taste. Select clothes carefully and accessories

to it it is attentive and with taste. If all ensemble is sustained in quiet tones, it is allowed accessories and accessories to take more brightly and more visibly, let the footwear will be bright, and a decor neutral. If it is ideally to combine everything, all image will turn out simply ideal.

Color selection is begun with a base neutral shade, it is desirable picked up for your color type. And already under it allocate more saturated colors and prints, ornaments and patterns.

If you like animalistic motives, it is necessary to use very accurately all types leopard, sand and lion’s, under a zebra, dolmatinovy and other coloring. Here it is impossible to go too far differently everything it will turn out defiantly tastelessly.

The main subjects in clothes of office lady:

– jacket

– light ensemble with the combined coloring or monophonic color.

– trousers a la the classic.

– dark jeans trousers.

– skirts of different level without cuts only.

– under a jacket in color of a vest and a T-shirt, a blouse.

– sweaters and jumper, pullovers.

– the solemn attire, is possible also a cocktail dress.

– raincoat, coat and jacket.

It is insufficiently simple to buy all above-named set of things also on a figure all should correspond and a color range of your aura to reflect. All should correspond to your clothes.

For certain nuances of a figure use such secrets as – corsets of an utyagivaniye and correcting subjects of linen.

Here selection of clothes is much simpler, than at the business lady. The regulations strict are not present, but and elegance anybody does not release you from taste.

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